Online School Tuition Fee. Most online programs cost $470 per course, unless otherwise noted. If you would like to pay your full tuition fees in advance, you can do so using the secure online payment system. One alleges GCU failed to refund tuition for people who drop classes, and the other alleges doctoral students were made to take excessive dissertation continuation classes. Grand Canyon University offers 249 major programs for degree granting/certificate programs. Entering Lope Country The Student, Faculty, and Parent Gateway Portal. Click here for a step by step guide. Hence, students from anywhere in the world can access these programs for a certain fee. For example, an undergraduate student going into the field of education can expect to pay $440 per course in the 2015-2016 school year. For additional technical assistance please navigate to 71 students (0.13% of the enrolled undergraduate students) have received grant or scholarships aid and the average amount is $7,074. This is 15% more expensive than the national average private for-profit four year college tuition of $14,406. Of that, the distance learning opportunity (online degrees/courses) is given to 182 major programs - 67 Bachelor's, 82 Master's, 7 Doctorate, and 26 Post-graduate Certificate.The 2020 tuition & fees is $17,176 for undergraduate programs at Grand Canyon University. PHOENIX (Nov. 12, 2019) – For the 12th year in a row, Grand Canyon University has remained committed to its students by freezing tuition costs. Online tuition costs at Grand Canyon University can vary based on program and type of degree. The private Christian university’s ground campus tuition will remain at $16,500 for the 2020-21 school year. In 2008, GCU had 1,000 students learning on campus and 12,000 enrolled online. The program of study influence the online and evening rates. The cost is 14% more expensive than the average Arizona tuition of $14,482 for 4 year colleges. Print Credits If you have used up your free print quota for the academic year, you can easily top up your print credits online using a debit or credit card. This fee is comprised of $16,500 for tuition, $8,550 room and board, $800 for books and supplies and $550 for other fees. Grand Canyon University runs its own online programs. Tuition for Grand Canyon University is $16,500 for the 2018/2019 academic year. Annual tuition fees 2021/2022 . Grand Canyon University’s online degree programs offer the flexibility you need to get ahead, providing a quality education to help you thrive in today’s complex business world. The 2020 undergraduate tuition & fees of Grand Canyon University are $17,176 for their students and the 2020 graduate school tuition & fees are $11,074. Need help logging in? More than 85,000 mostly working adult students are attending GCU’s online campus, the university says. Undergraduate Tuition. Tuition fees A guide to tuition fees at Glasgow Caledonian University The cost of university tuition fees can be massively important to your success of so we are committed to offering you accessible higher education, low tuition fees and a generous scholarship package of over £2.5 million per year. GCU is an accredited university with flexible online courses, affordable tuition rates, a huge variety of degrees , and helpful resources. The annual list price to attend Grand Canyon University on a full time basis for 2018/2019 is $32,100 for all students regardless of their residency. The normal range for all undergraduate programs is $395 to $470 cost per credit hour. Home £3,000 RUK £8,500 EU and International £11,250

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