Yeah, okay Marlowe. I. During his battle with Evangeline, she became Negi’s first probationary contract. Yulier does what Asuna told her to do, Asuna draws her sword and stands beside Kirito. Friends? Fade to October 31, 2024, Asuna is waking up, groaning as she does. Ah! This is a power move! Kirito turns his gaze to Asuna, making a wicked grin, before turning his attention back to Yui. While Negi was facing Fate, the remaining members of the Ala Alba tried their best retrieving Asuna but Shirabe succeeded on placing Asuna back on the altar. I'm sorry! Many of the early designs are similar to the current Asuna, except with thicker ponytails and minus her trademark "bells" on her head. Asuna will appear more in the later half of SAO season 3 and will play and important role. In the Live-Action series, she shows a little jealousy when Negi forms a pactio with Konoka and Nodoka. save. Then, she is seen walking with Negi, and they bumped into Evangeline and Setsuna, asking if they we're playing something. The 8th student in Japanese alphabetical order of class 2/3-A, she is the first female character connected to her teacher Negi Springfield and the co-lead character in the series. The class rep is eternally her quarreling friend. HOW?! Fine, fine! I'm afraid you'll piss someone off and kill thousands. 16, leaving 7 episodes for Vol. The “Wake Me Up Asuna” app provides audio and speech feedback in Japanese only, but an English language support add-on (purchase required) is now available for English speaking users. Eventually, he uses Chao’s time machine watch to go back in time. Asuna appeared in the UQ Holder! Can't see any potential problems with that! She is able to partake in her graduation from middle school and was last seen with Negi outside on the school grounds, celebrating their graduation and with the rest of class 2-A. It is okay. Jeez. Sign me the hell up! Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. I wanted to know what love is. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. I mean, now that I look more closely... Hey, uh, Asuna? Cut to the "family" eating breakfast around the coffee table. So, uh, what's your name? Well you see, after a series of devastating losses, the ALF has been thrown into a bloodthirsty power struggle. I wish I had, like, a tiny little mic for you to drop. As long as she doesn't throw us any curveballs, I think we're good. Asuna holding Kirito (Episode 9 The Blue-Eyed Demon) I'm curious about the geopolitical situation in Collinia. I'm sure that'll hold up in court. HOW COULD YOU LET THIS HAPPEN?! Aw, she's so beautiful when she's sleeping. It's good...? Oh, well in that case, that sounds... great. Do you wanna stay together anyway? Discussion. I gotcha. For some reason Asuna's eyes color get changed in between Xebec and Shaft anime series. Poor reception and whatnot. Ever wanted Sword Art Online’s Asuna Yuuki to wake you up and help you remember any important meetings you may have scheduled? Up for a fetch quest? Favorite Answer. Asuna Vesperina Theotanasia EntheofushiaBaka RedThe Twilight ImperialLil' Princess-chanPrincess'Bells'Princess of the New WorldBellatrix Sauciata (Wounded female warrior), Blue and green (Manga, Negima! The impact mark where Asuna punched Kirito's eye fades away. Statistically speaking, that says more about, You wanna take this outside, kid?! Asuna has a crush on her former homeroom teacher, Takahata, whom Negi replaces. Konoka hugs her and Setsuna is treating her like a princess (which she is) and scolds her for that. Go for the eyes, papa! Consider it your honeymoon! Uh, be a dear and take care of this gangly fellow for me, would you? And she doesn't even remember them! Towards the end of the series, she is turned evil by the power of the Star Crystal infecting Evangeline, but this only lasts until her vampiric host is defeated in battle. Y-Yeah, the wedding! Holy cow, Yui. And, might I say, congratulations on the wedding. Hard cut to October 31, 2024, Floor 1: Town of Beginnings, Secret Dungeon. Later on, Albireo opened up her past memories and unleashed the sleeping powers within her. You're a Psychiatrist AI? After joining the «Knights of the Blood», she wore a red and white uniform that all KoB members wear and wielded a rapier made by Lisbeth, called the «Lambent Light».Asuna's B-W-H measurements were 82-60-… Kirito. *Note: The … Negi’s and Asuna’s relationship starts on very shaky ground but quickly improves as they get to know one another. Initially, Asuna merely was one of the only ones who knew the secret and assisted Negi with adjustment to this new environment. Oh, I was just thinking about how much I love Yui. Kirito tackles Yulier to the ground as a giant scythe is swung into the ground where she once stood. You do not have to pretend to love me anymore. She first appeared in Chapter 132 for saving Touta Konoe from Mage of the Beginning's zombies. First and foremost, what happened to your sweater, young lady? He didn't bring any weapons or items with him. As the story progresses, the Chupacabra club evolves into a full magic education class with Negi as the mentor, but her obsession with the creature never goes away (to the point of forcing the rest of 3-A to buying her printed Chupa-T-shirts after they all become Negi’s partners and therefore join “the club”). Yup! It is recommended that you use this app alongside other devices, such as an alarm clock. Asuna gasps and runs to him. Although it's changed back to her original eyes color from both manga and Xebec anime in, It is implied that her actual age is around 25 but her biological age is 15. I'm sorry! Asuna and Naru are similar: both are violent, short-tempered girls with limited patience towards the main male lead yet show a care and trust that grows as the story progresses. share. Look, it'll be great! Asuna had wholeheartedly agreed, and so they had promised to spend nights together in-game whenever possible, and then log out in the mornings. Yulier? John. Yui fades away into sparkles. : Magister Negi Magi, created by Ken Akamatsu. She is a slacker and not quite as smart as she appears, making her a true member of the “Baka Rangers.” One of her most bizarre traits is her obsession with chupacabra in this version, at first believing it as the assaulter on Mahora campus (instead of Evangeline). Oddly, some of the manga promotion picture Asuna's eyes color are showed to be blue instead of blue and green. That was amazing! Well she asked us a question, sir! After Evangeline’s defeat, Asuna opens a chupacabra club in pursuit of capturing the mythical creature (of whom most of the members are volunteers whom Asuna drags to the meetings, with the exception of Haruna). TO KEEP THIS ONE COMPANY! Using the Great Grand Master Key, she returned the world back to normal. Asuna is feeling quite vexed after Ayaka tells the other girls to stop trying for Asuna’s White Wing Badge (reminding them of how easily she could defeat all of them) then turning around and inviting them on a personal trip to Wales aboard her private plane. Are these night terrors gonna be, like, a daily thing? She returns in chapter 340, drinking tea with Ayaka. Maybe she knows something we don't! Before we knew it, there was simply no one strong enough to stand against him. She also expressed interest in going back in time to the Prohibition-era United States after learning about Cassiopeia. Fade to October 31, 2024, Asuna is waking up, groaning as she does. Ah, just let him work it out of his system. Wha-What are you talking about?! Asuna's appearance in Negima! Kirito an Asuna are shocked. Okay... Now, you may remember that the ending of our, heh, "fight" was a. Please fix me. Don't you get it?! The Fatal Scythe attacks Kirito and Asuna, sending them rebounding off of the ceiling and crashing down to the floor. Despite similarities to Naru, Asuna does have some slight differences: she is among the more academically challenged of the class and doesn't hide her strengths with a double life. WHY NOT SHARE OUR LOVE WITH. This could still work! During the fight, she gets defeated, and one of Fate’s Ministra Magi, Shiori, kisses Asuna which results in the creation of a replication of her. If we let her have this one, she'll hold it over us for the rest of our lives! Asuna there is a girl in her bed, staring at her, and screams. However, due to using too much magic, he is instead transported back to 1994, also unintentionally dragging the entire class with him. Select [Don't optimize], and tap [DONE]. She spends four days inside of Evangeline’s Resort (which is four hours in the real world) moping about it, but is cheered up by her friends and is informed about Negi’s latest Probationary Contracts with Yue and Haruna. We're gonna have some words with you two later. Less people than a... loose collection of character defects. I don't know! Aw, that's a cute name. Android / Lifestyle / General / Wake Me Up Asuna. Negima!? Kirito and Asuna fans don’t worry! Asuna recalled various moments from her life: being encased in some sort of gem and being used as a weapon to end many lives, remembering a being called the “Mage of the Beginning” and later being saved by Nagi and traveling with the Ala Rubra. Uh, maybe we can use the console to-. You'll practically have the whole Floor to yourselves. That date would be 23 October 2003 (based on a banner, leaving some to believe her birthdate may be in the year 1989[1] In the manga, her date of birth is April 21, 1988.). 2.5k. So you need me at the table cracking jokes and breaking the ice. The list of authors can be seen in the page history there. 3. What do ya think we oughta do with 'em, Fluffles?! But to our surprise, it was nothing but a. Upon leaving the resort, she, Negi and a few other girls are trapped in the future where Chao had already revealed the existence of magic to the world and Negi was arrested by the school board. Asuna manages to block and repel a trap spell which was intended for Kaede and Setsuna. Please support the official release. Hey, do you think getting married was the worst mistake of our lives? Heck, I bet even Freckles over here could get the job done. Mahora Girls' Jr. High Class 3-A Students Popularity Poll 2017. For a while, it seemed like his beautiful words and ~ass~ were actually getting through to him. If you say so. She, like the rest of the class, assists Negi in saving Nagi and defeating the Mage of the Beginning. 3 . Kirito and Asuna are at their cabin. Yeah, me too. I don't think you two understand how an orphanage works. Beautiful forest, view of the lake. Anime alarm clock created by Sony Music with scheduling reminders, daily fortunes and weather notices. She went to tour the Mahora Festival with Takahata (as close as a date with him as she could possibly get) which predictably ends in heartbreak for Asuna, as her former teacher gently turns down her admission of love. She will do everything in her power to find him and help him wake up. During this fight, it is revealed that in a short amount of time, Asuna is going to be sealed as a "corner-stone" for Negi's plan for saving the magic world, during this time, her outer personality will cease, she will wake up as Asuna Vesperina Theotanasia Entheofushia, with no memories of anything that happened as she's been in her former existence as "Asuna Kagurazaka". This arc is about Kirito, Asuna, and Alice. She surprised Negi by figured out the current situation and told him that she is 'a genuine legendary princess from a country of magic' with a smile of her face. On the day that Asuna was to be put to sleep, she spends it by greeting her friends on what she believed to be the last time and being with Negi by the riverside, finally giving Negi a kiss on her own accord. Well, at least one of us enjoyed ourselves. Asuna also blushed when asked by Anya if she loved Negi. What the fuck wa...? Afterwards, during the following day's lesson at Mahora, Negi finds a armor pactio card that shows him and Asuna, calling them "Eternal Partners". But then... all of that changed when I found you two... ...the most broken, sociopathic players I had ever laid eyes on. Another one. After reuniting with Negi, they successfully traveled back to the third day of the School Festival. When I think about how scared he must be down there, it makes me wanna just... throw him down and have my-. Yes she does and it is in the fourth volume. I MEAN, WHILE WE'RE OUT! With their new knowledge of Chao’s plans, they implemented a plan by Negi to stage a “mock-battle” against Chao’s robot army. Asuna is still a main character in SAO season 3. Kibaou even set up a meeting to discuss a truce in a Secret Dungeon here on the 1st Floor. Leave my mama and papa alone, you big meanie! 1. But for now, just get my. Kirito is reading a newspaper called the "Aincrad Insider". Neo, Asuna showed strong signs of truly loving Negi as he fought against Fate to tell her just how much she meant to him before their wedding. 2.2k. Well, now that they've run out of things to burn, it seems the rioters have reverted to a somewhat primitive, tribalistic society, with one player in particular rising up as their leader. After some convincing by Negi and his students, young Asuna assists them in destroying the demon king. manga, a sequel after the Negima! Kirito *Groan* Okay, seriously, Asuna. I am giving you one warning! Waking up to Asuna's voice, being reminded of taking out the garbage and choosing what to wear... “Wake Me Up Asuna” will make your mornings lively.“Take care and have a good day!”, Asuna's sweet words will definitely make you feel as if she is your … Why doesn't he just use a Teleport Crystal to get out? Tap [Wake Me Up Asuna] in the apps list. Tea has been made. She is also the last one to know Sayo after the latter made a Pactio with Negi. Day after day, constantly bombarded by the pain and anger of all the people I could not help, I gradually fell into despair. 17 and 18, I should think that 17 will basically be done at the end of Ep. Well, all are welcome in the House of the-. report. Thinker clears his throat and composes himself. She entered the portal to the Magical World along with the rest of her classmates through a Stonehenge-like portal, arriving in a lobby area similar to an airport terminal, where everyone’s weapons (both mundane and magical) were placed into a sealed box due to the security policy at the “airport.” When Fate and his companions attack the class, Asuna breaks the sealed box by simply punching it. “Wake Me Up Asuna” is a famous, high-tech apk featured in the media in which a hero cheerfully wakes you up in the morning, tells you the weather and your fortune, and reminds you of your schedule for the day (just as a spouse would do!? Kirito, Asuna, Yui, and Yulier walking through the Dungeon. Although Asuna keeps her well intentioned, Negi-assisting nature, this version has made her slightly daffier in her ways. This is a transcribed copy for the episode ". 9 years ago. None of us saw it coming. Finding that Negi wanted to be with her. Asuna is often in conflict with other people, especially Ayaka. I know you only kept me around as a pawn for your mind games. Cut to the back room of the orphanage, where Kirito, Asuna, Yui, Yulier, and the orphanage owner are sitting around a table. As time is running out, all students of class 3-A gathered at the palace in order to wake Asuna up. I just can't stand it! And meeting up with Negi, Fate and Kotarou in their adult forms to meet with the Prime Minister of Japan, with the help of Ayaka's artifact, which can meet someone without prior authorizations, arrangements, or agreements. Download Wake Me Up Asuna app for Android. You, Asuna? An interactive digital assistant app titled "Wake Me Up Asuna", in which Asuna provides the user with information such as wake-up calls, current weather, fortune, and appointments, was released in June 2015 in Japan, followed by an international release in English. In the next chapter (353), Asuna is brought back from the future with Chao and future Evangeline (there are now 2 Evas), they all go back to the past and then reunited tearfully with her friends. I can't believe he called our bluff! They call him... ", So, in light of these events, I will be heading to Floor 75 to try and engage the King and. It turns out to be Nagi Springfield, which surprised Asuna, Negi, Evangeline, Jack Rakan, and Fate. Kirito, Asuna. The King of Ashes laughs maniacally as Fluffles meows with joy and the prisoners scream in pain. No siree, Bob! Come on in! Oh, I see. Uh, how did you get in our house? What will happen when kirito wakes up from his coma 1.2.25. In the final volume of the alternate-universe Negima?! Episode 1 ● Episode 2 ● Episode 3 ● Episode 4 ● Episode 5 ● Episode 6 ● Episode 7 ● Episode 8 ● Episode 9 ● Episode 10 ● Episode 11, Episode 12 ● Episode 13 ● Episode 14 ● Episode 15. hide. YEAH, YOU KNOW! 18. This causes Kirito to wake up too. It’s explained in the novel in the Tutorial section. Amusing herself with the nostalgia of her class, she later finds pictures of her friends as adults. She and Anya were captured by Fate’s accomplices, with Asuna forcefully having her memories brought back by Fate. What the hell are you doing?! Yeah, okay. Let's hope we don't have to sacrifice a small child every time we need to have a talk like this. Kaede and Kotarou's group managed to succeed retrieving Asuna and the Great Grand Master Key only to be stopped by Fate. You know what mom says: "Doesn't matter if you're wrong. Answered October 14, 2017. This dream app has been made possible through the use of a number of cutting-edge technologies, such as Sony\’s interactive technology, the latest voice synthesis … However, even with the demon king’s demise, the contract could not be terminated. Officially, her year of birth, according to this version, is in the year 1988 as in the manga. Bu... ut... honey... moon...? Asuna will appear more in the later half of SAO season 3 and will play and important role. Why don't we pump the brakes a bit. What do you say, Freckles? What are you doing?! You think he's in there? KOB LEADER TRAPPED BEHIND ENEMY LINES". Example: Your leader is named "Thinker", yet he appears to be something of a dullard. manga. ?, OVAs and ANIME FINAL), Negi Springfield (relative?/true partner)Arika Anarchia Entheofushia (relative). After Asuna’s death, Negi desperately searches for a way to bring her back. She has heterochromia (her left eye is blue and her right eye is green). We have to say something! We hear a knock on the door. Are you serious?! Asuna's eyes go demented as she laughs insanely. Most of which I'd rather not use in front of Yui. nsfw. You might wanna keep your eyes peeled for THE PERSONIFICATION OF. For real this time. And this is my wife, Asuna. However, this is false since she has been around for over 100 years, Popularity: 2nd >> 2nd >>4th >> 3rd >> 1st >> 2nd >> 2nd >> 4th. : The Great Battle of Mahora☆Contract Execution,, Asuna's birthday is April 21, 1988. There, their bodies were drip-fed and kept alive for two years until Kiroto freed them. Asuna retains no memories from this period in her life but has begun to re-experience them in dreams since Negi arrived. You ever think that's why mom and dad are getting divorced? Yui jumps into Asuna's arms, who lifts her up. Asuna runs up and hugs Yui. As painful as it'll be to let her go, I think we need to find her real parents. Sword Art Online is owned by A-1 Pictures, Aniplex USA and Reki Kawahara. SAO Season 3 gives you GGO Asuna and GGO Kirito teaming up with GGO Klein, GGO Sinon and GGO Silica! For years, all I could do was sit and watch. As she cries, a voice comes in, making Asuna turn around to find herself looking at Evangeline, as well as a nostalgic classmate, Chao Lingshen, as Chao said Asuna slept for 130 years. When Asuna found out that Negi is using Dark Magic, she refuses to let Negi continue using it, but in the end, she gave in and promised that she will help Negi even in the depths of hell. She is almost indisputably has the strongest bond with Negi amongst his students and is the closest individual to being an actual “partner” to him. After hearing these words, Asuna started to blush and stutter, freaking out that this sounded like Negi was proposing to her. But somehow, together... you were happy. It's- It's so good! With the two of us, our love can conquer anythi-. The main Manga Pactio ability is split into two in this version: Asuna’s armor form allows her to possess the massive sword she wields when using the full power of her ability, while her Cosplay form gives her the harisen form of the Pactio while dressed in a kimono. All we need to do is talk it out like adul-. However, when it came time to elect a club president, the club adviser, Evangeline, vetoed the idea of giving Asuna the position. It's great. Street corner we can dump you? Asuna could still recall his exact words, "Honestly, I'd much rather be waking up to you every morning in this room than alone in my real one." An anime assistant to help you wake up on the right side of the bed. Just calm down! What will the next arc be about. Fairy Dance AU. Ah. WHY ONLY TWELVE?! Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat.

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