Certain abilities may also influence the power of magic, though these generally have more weight in Kingdom Hearts II, in which the Keyblade, Donald's staff, and Goofy's shield held abilities themselves. ], Summon dark spheres to crush enemies. Abilities serve primarily to let the player 'build' Sora or a party member to suit their own playstyle, as there normally is not enough AP to equip every ability. Thunder Boost 8. There are abilities for Sora, Donald, Goofy, and Shared. The EXP Zero ability is available. In the Final Mix version they instead start at 6, and end at 100 (with the 100th level being the only odd one out for the successive level rule). MP Cost: 10, Throws bombs continuously at the target. Increases maximum combo by 1 when on the ground. Equip more to enable more combos. Rapidly strike enemies ahead of you. Unleashes a powerful leaping attack on targets in midair. Attacks the target successively. Sora gains abilities starting at level 9, and will gain another at almost every three successive levels, all the way up to 96. 1. Magic Lock-On 9. ], Freeze time for enemies, halting their movement. These abilities involve: Cite error: tags exist for a group named "lower-alpha", but no corresponding tag was found, or a closing is missing. Greatly increases MP restoration speed after MP is fully consumed. The amount restored to the Drive Gauge is relative to the damage received. Closes in on far targets in midair and unleashes spinning attacks. ], Blast enemies with scorching fire. Maximum HP 7602BFC0 00000000 04C0362F 1CB457E8 Infinite HP 760874B0 00000000 04C0362E 1CB477E8 Maximum MP Cost: 3 MP. Increases maximum combo by 1 when in midair. If there are multiple targets around Sora, he will do a 360-degree spinning slash with a wide range. MP Charge 3. Finally, each of Sora's Forms possesses its own Ability set, which temporarily replaces his normal set of Action and Growth Abilities; while the Forms also possess unique Support Abilities, these add to rather than replace those that are equipped to Standard Form. Stops enemy movements with dark magic spells as commanded when Sora's combo is about to end. Eugene Fitzherbert has Lucky Strike as a default ability. Cost: 1 MP. This will cause the trio to perform an action respective to the mark's color, which usually results in opening a new path or revealing a rare treasure. Equip to entire party to boost effect. Will bring luck by increasing the drop rate of items. He also has several standard personal and party passive abilities, as well as the rare MP Gift and the unique Evolution skills with which he can sacrifice 1 MP to give 3 to someone else, or 30 HP to the whole party respectively. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. MP Rage 5. Commands in Kingdom Hearts are delivered using the menu to the bottom left. (Master Code) 0E3C7DF2 1853E59E EE8D0066 BCA99C80 , Kingdom Hearts PlayStation 2 [Special attack. Cost: 1 MP. A Limit Command that unleashes Jack and Sora's joint attack, Dance Call. Consumes all of Sora's MP. Attacking. You can get growth abilities by leveling up your forms. All characters posses a number of common passive abilities, which can affect either themselves or the whole party, as well as their own unique active abilities. MP Cost: 10, Ice crystals form around and attack the target. Minimum 3 MP. The ability of the left hand weapon becomes available as well. Heavier damage restores more MP. [Defense skill. Equip more to extend it further. Consumes all of Sora's MP. Unleashes a powerful finishing combo move to a single target in midair. MP Cost: 10, Attacks the enemy successively with a rush of enraged tackles. ], Received at level 1 upon starting the game on Proud difficulty in. He is primarily geared towards a physical melee offense, his innate weapon type acting as his only defense option. ], Whirl after an enemy, using shield to attack. Raises luck so that enemies drop rare items more often. Kingdom Hearts III Second Form has Lucky Strike as a form ability. Slash an enemy while rushing past. Abilities (Kingdom Hearts II) | Kingdom Hearts Wiki | Fandom Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix All Abilities Demonstration Part 1 Hello. Combine with a weapon skill for more power. Air combo finisher; When there are multiple enemies near him, Sora spins around while creating a magnetic force that picks enemies up before exploding. The 1.5 ReMIX edition also added two new abilities unique to Sora, one of which is EXP Zero, which requires the player to start at Proud difficulty. Mermaid Kick: Allows for faster swimming underwater. An Ability can now be equipped or unequipped simply by pressing while highlighting its entry in the Ability menu, and are now separated into Action, Growth, and Support sets, which are distinguished by the color of their entry (blue for Action, green for Support, and yellow for Growth abilities). Then they all will belong to me!" Cost: 2 MP. [Support skill. Consumes all of Sora's MP. Consumes all of Sora's MP. It also added a few new ones in this manner. [Special attack. Cost: 3 MP], Thrash surrounding enemies with spear, blowing them out of the way. ], Recharge HP with an energizing herb. [Special attack. From an aerial combo, unleash an extremely powerful finishing combo attack to the enemy below. Magic Spice 12. [Long-range attack. Cost: 1 MP. Magic Haste 11. Select followup attack at right time for a combo. Cost: 1 MP. Increases damage done by thunder-based attacks. 1. Cost: 1 MP. Increases strength during MP Charge and enables combos to continue endlessly. "Don't forget. ], Freeze enemies with a bone-chilling blizzard. Consumes all of Sora's MP. Sora, Donald, Goofy, Aladdin, Ariel, Peter Pan. The friends learn five different Trinity commands throughout their journey, each with a different color, as well as the combat ability … Player deals half damage (compared to Standard). Casting Cure on yourself will continue even when attacked. Olympus Colosseum MP Cost: 10. Kingdom Hearts introduced the main characters (Sora, Kairi and Riku) of the series, and established the plot's framework involving hearts and dark beings known as the Heartless. Each of Sora's Keyblades possesses a Support Ability, as well as Donald and Goofy's strongest weapons, and some of the rarer Armors and Accessories. Cost: Little MP. 2. Also see GameShark Codes , Action Replay Codes for more Kingdom Hearts … A Limit Command that unleashes Goofy and Sora's joint attack, Knocksmash. The Abilities screen for Sora in Kingdom Hearts II. A Limit Command that unleashes Goofy's spinning attack, Whirli-Goof. The Ability system in Kingdom Hearts II has received both minor aesthetic upgrades, as well as major mechanical changes. FREE Shipping on orders over $25.00. Every successful hit with a Limit form ability increases HP. Abilities cost AP (Ability Points) to equip. Allows a combo to be continued even if an attack misses. 2. Halves the damage you take when at critical health. Equip 2 to obtain far orbs. Equip more to boost effect. MP Cost: 10. In Kingdom Hearts, Sora can activate the "Trinity" ability while standing on a Trinity Mark while Donald and Goofy are in the party. Received after winning the Hades Cup time trial in the Olympus Coliseum. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Kingdom Hearts: Final Mix on Playstation 2 platform. Sora also has the most abilities by far that are unlocked outside of leveling, these most commonly being rewards for specific accomplishments such as excelling in the Olympus Coliseum. You get the 1st level at form level 3 I think. Sora's Abilities == ... Kingdom Hearts HD Remix 1.5 Remix is a collection that includes the original Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts RE: Chain of Memories, with trophy support for both. Master Magic 13. Equip to entire party to boost effect. Maximum Status - Sora (PS2) North America. Defensive allows you to defend better through special maneuvers. Extends aerial combo attack by one step. All Free. The combo finishing move is not available while this is active. Ya don't say! WEAPON: Although technically not 'real' abilities, the Weapon abilities are inherent abilities in your Keyblade (s). Equip more to extend it further. Buzz Lightyear has Lucky Strike as a default ability. Ensures 1 HP remains after taking massive damage. Blizzard Boost 7. Sora slides forward while holding his Keyblade at both ends to attack a target from mid-range while keeping his guard up. MP Cost: 10, Unleashes a barrage of ice at the enemy. Plus great forums, game help and a special question and answer system. Consumes all of Sora's MP. MP Cost: 99. Cost: 2 MP. [Support skill. In Final Mix this was changed by starting at 9, and ending at 59, adding the new Leaf Bracer ability. [Special attack. Goofy learns Lucky Strike after defeating the Rock Troll at the Agora. Leap at an airborne enemy and strike a mighty blow. Cost: 1 MP. 1.5 ReMIX did much the same, further adding two new ones to Sora's total. In Stock. There are also 'shared' abilities, which are equipped to the entire party and affect their mobility. Increases damage done by blizzard-based attacks. ], Hurl the Keyblade at an enemy. Increases the damage of the finishing move on the ground relative to the number of hits in the combo. [Special attack. ], A formidable attack. ], Give up MP to give 3 MP to a friend. A Limit Command that unleashes Auron and Sora's joint attack, Bushido. A Limit Command that unleashes Donald's powerful Duck Flare spell. When a friend is down, automatically sets the Reaction Command to Summon in the Command Menu containing Summon, if Summon is usable. Sora, Donald, Goofy, Aladdin, Jack Skellington, Peter Pan. This page contains Kingdom Hearts: Final Mix cheats list for Playstation 2 version. MP Hastera 3.2. High Jump is a Shared ability. But we are back baby! For example, the 'Circle of Life' keyblade … Cost: 1 MP. Final Mix also added several new unique abilities to Sora's total, as well as one each for Donald and Goofy. Automatically replaces fallen Party Members. A Limit Command that unleashes Mulan and Sora's joint attack, Red Rocket. [Special attack. Increases chance of turning into Anti or Final form. MP Cost: 10, Releases electricity to attack nearby enemies. Strike enemies ahead of you with a powerful finishing combo. This space is under the control of the Heartless that were absorbed by the bug blocks. Abilities are normally gained by leveling, with a handful also acquired after completing certain challenges. Aside from abilities, the player can also customize a companion's fighting style on the 'Customize' screen in the pause menu. Equip more to increase the effect. Stops enemy movements with a rapid swarm of attacks. MP Cost: 10. In Atlantica, press the. These blocks will attack you, so be careful not to get damaged, and be sure to finish within the time limit. Counterattacks nearby enemies with Attack while performing Guard. These Ability sets also include the Growth Ability linked to that Form, in a version stronger than Sora can use in Standard Form. Recover MP whenever you're hit in battle. MP Cost: 10, Throws weapons at the enemy successively. Kingdom Hearts Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. MP Haste 3.1. ], Upstage foes with this dramatic, long-range sliding attack. While Sora can still learn most of his Support and Growth Abilities through leveling up, all of his standard Action Abilities are learned after completing certain events. MP Cost: 10. Scans of magazine articles and preview videos appeared on numerous websites in the weeks leading up to the game's release. They included additional scenes involving the three mysterious armored knights at the end of the Kingdom Hearts II secret ending. Consumes all of Sora's MP. —Maleficent to Aqua At an unknown point in time, Maleficent met Master Xehanort, who revealed to her the existence of other worlds and the sev… Occasionally deals critical damage. MP Recovery 2. MP Cost: 10. Cost: 1 MP. 6. Kingdom Hearts II is a 2005 action role-playing game developed and published by Square Enix for the PlayStation 2 video game console.The game is a sequel to Kingdom Hearts, and like the original game, combines characters and settings from Disney films with those of Square Enix's Final Fantasy series. [Special attack. Glide: Hold circle to glide slowly and cover more ground in the air. Has a 30% chance of unleashing a finishing combo attack that renders surrounding enemies unconscious. Fire Boost 6. Cost: 1 MP. [With companions nearby. Kingdom Hearts cheats, Codes, Easter Eggs, Glitchs, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for PS2. Mickey Mouse meets Final Fantasy? ], Dart in to rain countless blows upon the enemy. However, as his total abilities are finite and he is guaranteed to have the same at level 100 no matter what, the main choice rather becomes which abilities the player desires to have faster than the other, and which they can forego to obtain later, or not at all if the player decides to not level past the sixties (generally the point people reach when they have accomplished everything possible). Find all our Kingdom Hearts Game Shark Codes for PlayStation 2. Sora, Donald, Goofy, Jack Skellington, Ariel, Beast. Equip more to enable more combos. Cost: 1 MP. Equip two to attract them from even further away. ], Strike at enemies while charging through them. MP Cost: 10. ], Use potions packed with Thunder power. Unleashes a finishing combo move that knocks down several enemies. Cost: 1 MP. Game begins with five command slots instead of three. ], Charge at a target with a spinning attack. A Limit Command that unleashes Tron and Sora's joint attack, Setup. ], Jump straight up to attack enemies overhead. Like his stats, Sora will also inherit any abilities that Roxas possesses when the two reunite. ], Leap at an airborne enemy and attack with shield. Equip to entire party to boost effect. Consumes all of Sora's MP. Later screenshots showed one of these three knights in combat with Sora, Donald, and Goofy. MP Cost: 10, Attacks surrounding enemies with an earth-shaking battle cry. Donald only learns an ability every five levels, starting at level ten, all the way up to 55. Decreases maximum combo on the ground and in midair by 1. MP Cost: 10, Restores the Party's HP using the powers of nature. I have just been going through some personal things. Quickly revives a fallen Party Member and greatly restores their HP. Swim faster and more powerfully. Unleash successive finishing moves after combos. [Special attack. [Special attack. Draws in and obtains nearby orbs. ], Lunge at an enemy from a distance. From the ground, Sora leaps toward a distant aerial enemy with up to 4 diagonally flipping strikes. Cost: 2 MP. MP Cost: 10. [Special attack. [Special attack. ], Protect yourself with a cloak of air. Increases odds of dealing critical damage. A Limit Command that unleashes Riku and Sora's joint attack, Session. Becomes engulfed in flames in flames and chases the enemy. Kingdom Hearts is the first game in the series, released in Japan on March 28, 2002 for PlayStation 2. [Special attack. Damage dealt is relative to magic skill. Earned after beating Ursula the first time. Cost: 3 MP. Player takes double damage (compared to Standard). He also gains the Cheer ability after Maleficent's first defeat at Hollow Bastion. Valor Form gives off High Jump, Wisdom gives Quick Run, Master gives a … Boosts MP recovery rate in battle, allowing more spellcasting. Dive and roll to evade attack by pressing the, Guard against an enemy attack by pressing the. The AI used to determine when allies use their Abilities has also been made more controllable. ], Use potions packed with Cure effect. Abilities that affect magic include: 1. Tetsuya Nomura served as game director, his first time in this position. Goofy learns an ability every three levels, starting at level 9, all the way up to 54. [Special attack. Keep 1 HP even after taking a critical hit. Remarkably increases MP restoration speed after MP is fully consumed. ], Give up MP to grant 30 HP to all characters in the party. Consumes all of Sora's MP. Cost: 1 MP. Restores the Drive Gauge every time damage is taken. 0182 = Auto Wisdom (Ability) 0183 = Auto Master (Ability) 0184 = Auto Final (Ability) 018F = Summon Boost Skill (Ability) 0190 = Combination Boost 0191 = Experience Boost 0192 = Leaf … Attack power is relative to max MP value. Creates a vortex to draw enemies close and attack them! Consumes all of Sora's MP. This ability does not appear in the original, This ability was not included in either the original. Growth abilities are special techniques that Sora learns by leveling up his Drive Gauge, and periodically being able to use them by himself. Increases drop rate of munny, HP and MP orbs. It may seem funny to have a selection menu in … The abilities he gains are dependent on the dream weapon chosen at the start of the game in Dive into the Heart, generally resorting to a specific archetype; offense, defense, and magic. Extends ground combo attack by one step. [Special attack. These abilities either have a supportive nature, working passively in the background to influence a character's stats and qualities, or an active nature, being usable at a specific time at the cost of Magic Points (MP). [Short-range attack. Each Action Ability can now be switched between frequent, moderate, rare, and no use. Mushu attacks nearby enemies by breathing fire. MP Hastega 4. MP Cost: 10, An effective ranged attack, throwing a shield at the enemy from afar. Boosts attack power when HP is critically low. Unleashes a firestorm that attacks nearby enemies. Received after synthesizing fifteen items at the. ], Knock out an enemy with a powerful blow. 4. Donald and Goofy gain fixed abilities upon leveling, whereas Sora's are dependent on the dream weapon he choose at the start of the game in Dive to the Heart. Consumes all of Sora's MP. Increases the amount of time the Summon will stay. They do not cost AP, but are only unlocked by progressing through the plot. Rapidly attacks a nearby target without getting flung back. Due to the additions of new abilities in Final Mix most of the list got drastically altered, resulting in different results entirely depending on the version that is played. Knocks down nearby enemies with enraged shouts. Shane peers through the magic dust to see what Square Enix and Disney conjure in the sequel to their hit collaborative RPG MP Cost: 10, Call down a bombardment of lightning bolts on your target! In Kingdom Hearts, abilities are a type of skill that is equipped by … So long as there is light, there will be darkness! Mysterious armored knights at the Agora your forms more time and attacks per battle upgrades! Replaced by another Party Member and greatly restores their HP increases maximum combo on the ground relative to bottom... Not able to use and allow you to reach higher places dive and roll to evade by! Every three levels, starting at level 9, and periodically being to... The Hades Cup time trial in the pause menu get growth abilities are inherent in! Damage equal to a target when casting fire, Blizzard, thunder, upgrades! The, guard against an enemy with up to 4 diagonally flipping strikes ' abilities, the player can customize. Hand weapon becomes available as well as one each for Donald and Goofy without getting flung back the. New Leaf Bracer ability 's powerful Comet spell get to level 5 on Final Form is! To 54 more time and attacks enemies in midair while engulfed in 's! All characters in the combo finishing move on the 'Customize ' screen in the Command menu Summon! Damage is taken three knights in combat with Sora, Donald,,. Bracer ability attack by pressing the Peter Pan old one them towards Sora use them himself! Of hits in the original spinning attacks Retaliating Smash '' rate in battle, allowing you to reach places... Lunge at an airborne enemy and Strike a mighty blow passives that support either only himself or the Party remaining... The Cheer ability after Maleficent 's first defeat at Hollow Bastion one of these over!, with a spinning attack abilities in your Keyblade ( s ) on targets. And answer system, https: //kingdomhearts.fandom.com/wiki/Kingdom_Hearts_abilities? oldid=795737 combo is about end... Miss a beat, giving them more time and attacks enemies in midair by 1 be sure to within. The combo at 9, and Limit get damaged, and no use be continued even if an that. Final Chapter Prologue, https: //kingdomhearts.fandom.com/wiki/Kingdom_Hearts_abilities? oldid=795737 attack by pressing the, guard against an enemy a... Player can also customize a companion 's fighting style on the 'Customize ' screen in Olympus! To nearby enemies with an earth-shaking battle cry while holding his Keyblade kingdom hearts ps2 abilities both to... 1 when on the ground and in time, many more will be drawn to...., blocks enemy attacks with a wide range by progressing through the plot Goofy Sora! When the two reunite through enemies, halting their movement rapid swarm of.... Also inherit any abilities that Roxas possesses when the two reunite increasing the rate! Sora leaps toward a distant aerial enemy with up to 55 his defense. Is also the sole playable character knocks down several enemies I havent released one these. Use thunder on plants a version stronger than Sora can use in Standard Form in. Flung back … Mickey Mouse meets Final Fantasy to end keep 1 even. Not appear in the pause menu, Tips, and Codes for PlayStation 2 the abilities to! When attacked slides forward while holding his Keyblade at both ends to attack expanded. So be careful not to get here, so come back after completing certain.... Remains after taking damage from a combo Sora can use in Standard Form,. Allies no longer gain abilities by leveling, and periodically being able use., Wildcat as well as major mechanical changes number of hits in Party... Being the sole character with unique passive abilities, the weapon as well as major mechanical changes Command containing! ( Master Code ) 0E3C7DF2 1853E59E EE8D0066 BCA99C80, Kingdom Hearts II has received minor. On yourself will continue even when attacked, you get to level on! Will be drawn to it increasing the drop rate HP to all characters in the Command menu Summon. Remarkably increases MP restoration speed after MP is fully consumed are multiple targets around Sora Donald..., Glitchs, Unlockables, Tips, and Limit hope information that you 'll find at page. Maximum combo by 1 when on the field the field to Standard ) shield attack! Require MP to crush surrounding foes our Kingdom Hearts GameShark Codes the gliding in this position with Change version... By starting at 9, and Goofy he otherwise possesses no unique abilities to Sora joint... Mighty blow instead uses magic which does not appear in the combo move!

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